8 WEEK body transformation challenge


 Challenge Package Includes:

  • Unlimited classes

  • Professional coaching

  • Free Lionheart heart rate monitor ($75 value)

  • 3 Free InBody body scans ($150 value)

  • A New Member Welcome Pack

  • Nutritional support including daily meal plans, shopping guides and more.

*In-Studio Grand Prize - $500 CASH + 1 Month Unlimited Classes (Runners up prizes valued at $100)
*Global Grand Prizes:

Best Transformation: $12,000 Cash

Most Body Fat lost: Vacation package valued at $3000

Most weight lost: Vacation package valued at $3000



Achieve the results you've been looking for with the F45 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge.  

F45 Training not only provides the best team based high-intensity interval training in the world, but we also offer our members a global standard nutrition portal to help you reach your fitness goals and have you looking and feeling great.

The F45 Challenge portal will give you all of the tools, information, and resources required to achieve the body of your dreams.

You will be following a carefully designed and structured program which is going to strip body fat, define your body, increase muscle strength, create inner wellness, and give you the body confidence you have always dreamed of.

We invite you to join us for the next 8 Week Challenge. All you need to do is create an account on the F45 Challenge portal www.f45challenge.com and let us know so we can arrange your body scans and photos.

DEFINE your goals, DEFINE your physique, and DEFINE yourself with the F45 Challenge.

We look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals!

CHALLENGE A FRIEND TO JOIN YOU: F45 Training was developed as a community-based training environment that offers support and assistance to people seeking to achieve their health and weight loss goals. As part of our F45 Challenge, you can invite friends and compare your points progress throughout the Challenge.



A comprehensive daily tracking design, including progress charts and a unique point system for progression and motivation, is also included in the Challenge.

TRACK PROGRESS WITH DASHBOARD CHECKLISTS: The F45 Challenge dashboard and statistics pages let you track your goals and get insights into your progress. A range of interactive charts help you monitor your goals on a daily basis while providing simple visual cues.


A 3-phase nutrition program designed by a panel of nutritionists is also included. 
DAILY MEAL PLANS: When it comes to weight loss, correct nutrition is vital. F45 Challenge gives you your own personal nutritionist to help you achieve your health objectives, which can be to reduce body fat, get leaner, feel better about yourself, or a combination of each. The daily meal plans help keep your nutrition on the right track.

DELICIOUS RECIPES: F45 Training has assembled a pool of nutrition experts to develop the meal plans and recipes provided in this ecosystem to help our members achieve their goals. These experts are available to participating members for periodical webinars where they share their expert knowledge and insights.

SHOPPING LISTS: A weekly shopping list has been created for you each week to make shopping a breeze. Just print off the shopping list for that week and your ready to go shopping.



Achieve your goals with the support of F45 challenge members in studio and follow members on social media from around the globe. Our trainers are on hand to help you answer any questions along the way and help you deal with soreness, plateaus or other obstacles on the way. Join us after the Challenge for our Happy Hour celebration and to crown our winners!

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